Conseils pour nettoyer et entretenir ses bijoux

Tips for cleaning and maintaining your jewelry

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Stone care

When we talk about maintaining our jewelry, we sometimes forget that not all stones are as hard as each other. Anyway, all stones can break or be scratched, even the hardest of them.

Our tips for protecting stones:

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry when moving heavy objects or playing sports.
  • Take off your jewelry to sleep. Indeed, you can sometimes have violent movements in sleep without realizing it – bumping into yourself, hitting a wall – and it would be a real shame to damage your jewelry in this way.

    General tips

    No matter the metal, no matter the stone, chemicals attack our jewelry without mercy. A very important piece of advice to take good care of your jewellery: when you do the dishes, the housework, gardening or when you go to the swimming pool or the sea, remember to remove rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. This will save you a lot of disappointment, because exposing your precious jewels – which despite everything remain our know-how of fragile objects – to these activities can only damage them. Have the reflexes of the regulars.

    Know first of all that it is normal for a piece of jewelery worn every day to show signs of wear (regardless of its composition), because it lives to the rhythm of our lives! The only way to keep a jewel in perfect condition as it left the workshops would be not to wear it, and admit that it would be a shame. Beyond the small daily scratches that bring an authentic touch to your jewellery, the more you maintain them, the better they will age.

    Among the good reflexes to have to maintain your jewelry, here are a few:

    • Always take off your jewelry when washing your hands
    • When you are not wearing your jewelry, we invite you to store it in boxes or small individual fabric bags.
    • If you travel, also take care not to put your jewelry in a single bag or box, they could be damaged between them.
    • And if, from time to time, you feel like re-polishing and re-rhodium plating your jewel, in order to restore its original shine, it's possible, just contact our customer service!

      Money maintenance

      Silver is a metal that tarnishes over time: this is inevitable, especially with silver used in jewelery (925 or 950 thousandths). It is impossible to predict how long a piece of silver jewelry will take to tarnish because it depends on many factors, including the acidity of the wearer's skin.

      Some maintenance gestures for your silver jewellery:

      • First, silver jewelry is extremely sensitive to humidity. So absolutely avoid taking a shower with your jewelry on and always remember to remove it when you wash your hands. If your silver jewelery accidentally gets wet, dry it thoroughly.
      • Clean it regularly with a microfiber cloth and do not hesitate to use a product suitable for cleaning silver from time to time, as you would to maintain your silverware service.


        At Aglaïa & Co, we are proud of our know-how and we want you to be able to wear your jewelry with joy for as long as possible. We are therefore happy to do our best to repair your piece of jewelery if something bad happens to it – even if it remains your responsibility as long as it is not a manufacturing defect. Be careful though: our craftsmen are unfortunately not magicians, and not every incident is necessarily repairable! We therefore invite you to take the greatest care of your jewelry because we would be sorry not to be able to offer you a solution if the technical constraints do not allow it.

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