L’Upcycling, une alternative pour des bijoux recyclés

L’Upcycling, une alternative pour des bijoux recyclés

“Rien ne se perd, tout se transforme”, Voilà l’objectif de l’upcycling. Nous passons notre temps à acheter des produits, puis à les jeter en fin de vie, ce qui mène à un gaspillage de masse. Alors ...
5 Boucles d'oreilles iconiques à ajouter à sa wishlist

5 iconic earrings to add to your wishlist

Earring trends are constantly evolving, allowing fashion enthusiasts to renew their collection of accessories. Discover our 5 iconic earrings at the top of the trend to absolutely have in your jewe...
Les boucles d'oreilles : le bijou idéal en hiver

Earrings: the ideal piece of jewelery in winter

During the winter, it is not always easy to associate style with warm outfits, we all tend to find ourselves under several layers of sweaters to resist the cold. So, you will certainly ask yourself...
Octobre Rose - Portraits de femmes

Pink October - Portraits of women

Discover the testimonies of four women fighters who have known or know the disease.
Comment Savoir si une Marque est Éthique | Les bons Indices

How to Know if a Brand is Ethical | Good Clues

How to know if a brand is ethical and not fall into the traps of greenwashing? Here are our tips and the criteria to look at.
Saphir rose Nyala, une pierre éthique d’exception

Nyala pink sapphire, an exceptional ethical stone

Discover our meeting with Eric, trader in ethical stones and supplier of our Nyala pink sapphires.
Portrait de 9 femmes engagées célèbres qui nous inspirent

Portrait of 9 famous committed women who inspire us

They are known, admired and a source of inspiration for many generations. "They" are these women, as different as they are committed . None of their stories are alike, but each of them contribute...
Les symboles de chance à travers le monde

Luck symbols around the world

Coming from simple beliefs or old legends, the symbols of luck are numerous. Each culture, each country, has its lucky charm whose origins are sometimes a little vague. Some are very popular, other...
Être un consommateur responsable au quotidien

Be a responsible consumer on a daily basis

We are all consumers, and our purchasing choices have an impact on the environment. Being a responsible consumer means making informed decisions that minimize this negative impact. By adopting a f...