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Aglaia x Ilia

Découvrez notre collection Aglaia x Ilia en collaboration avec Ilia Renon.

Aglaia x Ilia

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Boucle d'oreille puce carré, entourée de points, en plaqué or 3 microns et made in France.Association de boucles d'oreilles en plaqué or 3 microns, composé d'une petite dormeuse, d'une petite puce carré, et d'un earcuff fin, fabriquées en France.

Ida loop 18ct gold plated

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Dormeuse en plaqué or 3 microns composée d'un pendant en losange qui illustre une étoile sur un fond écru.. Association de boucles d'oreilles en plaqué or 3 microns composée d'une dormeuse en forme de losange au motif étoile, une dormeuse accompagnée d'une pierre semi-précieuse, et d'un earcuff fin made in France.

Ida sleeper 18ct gold plated

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Enhance your neck and face with our jewelry in collaboration with Ilia Renon, ambassador of Aglaia and Co for several years, and whom we wanted to highlight for this collection. Ilia Renon is a yoga teacher and content creator who does not lack creativity, and with whom we wanted to collaborate, so that she can inspire us with her most beautiful creations and combinations of 3 micron gold plated jewelry. Through this collection, you will have the choice of opting for refined or more elegant jewelry, composed of natural stones such as Moonstone and Sunstone. With a chic and bohemian style, you can combine them with our Yoga or Tara boxes for a more dressed and trendy look, or for a more classic look by wearing them alone. This collection pursues our values ​​and our social and environmental commitments with ethical and sustainable raw materials and French manufacturing that guarantees quality.