Collier en chaîne boule composé d'un anneau torsadé en argent massif 925 made in France.
Association de colliers en maille fine composée d'un collier ras de cou avec un anneau torsadé, et d'un collier avec un médaille au signe astrologique Sagittaire made in France.
Gabrielle silver necklace

Gabrielle silver necklace

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Solid silver necklace composed of a ball chain with a small free twisted ring on the chain.

Made in France
Recycled solid silver

Solid silver necklace composed of a ball chain with a small free twisted ring on the chain.

  • Metal: Sterling silver 925
  • Silver weight: 3g
  • Necklace size: 38 + 10 cm
  • Size Ring(s): 1 cm

Our Heritage collection honors the generations of French jewelers who perpetuate the gestures, the secrets and the same passion for a unique know-how. We have made our jewelry the perfect illustration of this heritage. A Collection that crosses time and ages both in its style and its timeless character.

These pieces are made from a noble material, 100% recycled solid silver. A collection that aims to be "couture", like those of the big houses.

We have chosen to name these creations like a large family bringing together women whose talent has marked the fashion of the last century. Our partner workshops, historical players in the jewelery industry with increasingly rare French know-how, have given birth to these new creations for an elegant rendering and exemplary finesse.

The Gabrielle necklace is an original Aglaïa & Co creation. This jewel was imagined, designed and manufactured in France in our partner workshops in accordance with our ethical values.

  • Origin of the silver (rings): France / Origine France Garantie
  • Origin of the money (chain): Italy
  • Chain: 100% recycled silver
  • Recycling of silver (rings): Lyon / Origine France Garantie
  • Drawing: Oise
  • Assembly & Welding: Lyon
  • Order Preparation: Marseille