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Discover our collection of bangles handmade in France. Dress your hands with softness and simplicity.


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A gesture marked with elegance is reflected by wearing one of our bangles in 3 micron gold plated or in solid 925 silver. Our bangles are worked in different ways for different styles. From a thick, striated bangle to a thinner bangle adorned with our natural stones, they all go endlessly with your bracelets and rings. Because we want our bangles to suit each of you, they are all adjustable and go with all looks, from the most classic to the most trendy. Wearing our bangles means adding an extra touch to your jewelry combinations, but it also means carrying sustainable and ethical values ​​on a daily basis. Our rushes are the translation of quality French work, associated with eco-responsible raw materials. Our commitments to more responsible fashion are reflected in our conscious jewelry, which contributes to the social and environmental issues of tomorrow.

How to wear a bangle bracelet?

The bangle bracelet is the essential trendy accessory to dress up a chic and elegant look. Whether it is gold plated or solid silver, it enhances your looks with boldness and femininity. It is a timeless jewel that goes well with all types ofbraceletsAndrings. If you opt for a bangle, now is the time to dare to accumulate, because it adds texture to your combinations of bracelets and rings. A bangle goes easily with a fine chain bracelet, a square chain bracelet and even with a bracelet adorned with cultured pearls or natural stones. However, you can also wear a bangle alone for a more sober look, because it is also a piece of jewelry that stands on its own and quickly gets noticed.

How to clean a rush?

To ensure that the shine of your rushes remains intact, you can use several tips. To clean your bangles thoroughly, you can immerse your bracelet in lukewarm water adding mild soap or baking soda. To be more effective, you can gently brush your rush using a toothbrush, then dry it with a soft cloth like achamois. To maintain your bangles, protect them from humidity by storing them in a dry place, such as a jewelry box or a soft bag. When wearing your bangles, avoid putting them in contact with chemicals, such as cleaning products, or beauty products such as perfume or creams. Also avoid wearing your bangles when you do a sporting activity, when you go to the sea or the swimming pool.

What to choose between a gold bangle and a silver bangle?

It is important to adapt your jewelry according to your complexion or the color of your veins. If your complexion is warmer, gold bangles will bring out the warmth of your skin. For those with cooler complexions, your best combinations will be with silver bangles. If you have green veins, warm colors such as gold will enhance your complexion. If you have blue and/or purple veins, silver bangles will suit you better. Some have the possibility of wearing gold and silver bangles, these are those who have warm skin and/or with blue veins, and those who have cold skin and/or with green veins.