Petites créoles composées d'un anneau en plaqué or 3 microns et made in France.
Petites créoles éthiques composées d'un anneau épais en plaqué or 3 microns et made in France.
Association de boucles d'oreilles éthiques en plaqué or 3 microns et made in France, composées d'une petite créole en anneau épais, d'une mini créole en anneau et d'une puce en forme de soleil.

Small Rosalind hoop earrings in gold

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Small gold-plated hoops, composed of a ring.

RJC certified plating
Made in France
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Small gold-plated hoops, composed of a ring. Stackable with others earrings from our collections.

To ensure that the condition of your jewel remains optimal, we invite you to read our maintenance advice.

  • Metal: 3 micron Gold Plated on Brass
  • Size: 2cm

The Madame collection is inspired by great Women who have contributed to shaping a fairer world through their action and/or their commitment which inspires admiration.

Authors, scientists, philosophers, politicians, pilots or even artists, all these women have participated in the evolution of the place of women in our society. Through this collection we wanted to pay tribute to all these women by naming her: Madame.

Each of our creations is inspired by it and bears the first name of a pioneer who participated in improving our world.

The small Rosalind hoop earrings are original Aglaïa & Co creations. This piece of jewelery was designed, designed and manufactured in France in compliance with our ethical values.

  • 3 micron gold plated brass
  • Origin of the brass: Germany and Italy
  • Ring manufacture: Paris
  • Gilding: Paris
  • Order preparation: Marseille