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In a few words

Our brand Aglaïa & Co was born in 2015 from the deep conviction that it is essential today to change our consumption patterns towards products that respect people and the environment.

This conviction is all the stronger as we operate in a Fashion sector that is increasingly criticized for its ecological impact and the production conditions it imposes on its workers. Through our brand, we want to go against the trend of fast fashion and manufacture in France, locally, artisanal products, designed to last, truly meeting the expectations of our customers. We strive to offer you creations made from "responsible" materials by reducing the number of intermediaries as much as possible for total transparency.

We are committed but we remain creative so as not to distort the very essence of our profession. Our team works every day to regularly offer you new collections made in small quantities to avoid waste.


Aglaia & Co is first and foremost a designer, Carine, and a passion for jewelry. Then it's 2 of his friends who are motivated like never before to accompany him on this creative adventure.

Social and environmental sustainability is the overriding issue today. These values ​​have been at the heart of our project since its inception. We work every day to offer our customers responsible creations in total transparency without sacrificing style.

Carine, Founder


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Our history

The beginnings

Aglaïa & Co, a committed French fashion brand, was born in 2015 with the mission of inventing truly sustainable fashion.

To do this, we had to completely redefine the industry's codes and value chain. The choice of French manufacturing was initially obvious for the establishment of a sustainable ecosystem and the preservation of local know-how.