Silver and moonstone halo bracelet

Silver and moonstone halo bracelet

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Solid silver bracelet with 3 Moonstones of 4mm.

Solid silver bracelet with 3 Moonstones of 4MM.

A true wonder of nature, the Moon has fascinated and questioned since the dawn of time, punctuating the sky with its eternal cycle. Faithful light illuminating our steps in the darkness, the moonlight fades to eclipse to let the shades of the starry sky reveal themselves.

Like this ballet, the Luna collection alternates between the clarity of Moonstone and its thousand reflections, and the deep blue of Lapis Lazuli, sprinkled with Pyrite forming golden constellations.

The creations are available in solid silver and gold plated.

The Halo bracelet is an original aglaïa & co creation. This jewel was imagined, designed and manufactured in France in our partner workshops in accordance with our ethical values.

Origin of the money: Italy & Germany
  • Chain assembly: Haute Savoie
  • Medal design: Haute Savoie
  • Bonding Stones: Haute Savoie
  • Order Preparation: Marseille
  • Each stone is selected by us. Shades, irregularities or inclusions are characteristic of these natural stones.

    Moonstone comes from Sri Lanka.