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Compo colliers Rose

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Composition de trois colliers, avec un collier en maille corde, un collier en chaîne tige torsadée avec des mailles rondes, et un collier en chaîne forçat avec un pendentif en anneau rayé accompagné de trois petits anneaux pendants rayés et trois petites perles de culture en plaqué or 18 carats.

RJC certified plating

At Aglaia, we are committed to producing quality jewelry while respecting the environment and human rights. That's why we're proud to use Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) certified plating for our gold plated jewelry.

RJC plating is a responsible gold plating process that meets industry standards for ethics, sustainability and social responsibility. This means that the production process is environmentally friendly, workers' rights are protected and business practices are ethical.

We are aware of the impact of the jewelry industry on the environment and we are determined to reduce this impact as much as possible. RJC plating allows us to reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to the protection of the planet.

By choosing RJC certified gold plated jewelry from Aglaia, you can be sure that you are wearing quality jewelry, made with responsible materials and in compliance with the highest ethical standards.

Made in France

We are proud to offer you quality jewelry made in France by talented local artisans.

Our production is spread across several workshops in France, each specialized in a particular field of jewelry. We have founders, setters, polishers, engravers and fitters, all passionate about their profession and their know-how.

We use traditional and innovative techniques to create unique and timeless jewelry. Each stage of production is carried out with care and attention to detail. Our artisans work closely with our team of designers to create jewelry that reflects our commitment to quality and excellence.

We are proud to contribute to the local economy by supporting French artisans while maintaining high quality standards in our production. At Aglaia, we are convinced that our 100% Made in France production is a guarantee of quality, authenticity and sustainability for our customers.

So don't wait any longer, fall for our Made in France jewelry collections where each piece of jewelry tells a unique and authentic story.

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Détails & Compo

Composition de trois colliers avec un collier en maille corde, un collier en chaîne tige torsadée avec des mailles rondes, et un collier en chaîne forçat avec un pendentif en anneau rayé accompagné de trois petits anneaux pendants rayés avec trois petites perles de culture en plaqué or. Accumulables avec d'autres colliers de nos collections.

Pour s'assurer que l'état de votre bijou reste optimal nous vous invitons à lire nos conseils d'entretien : nos conseils d'entretien.

  • Métal : Plaqué Or 3 microns sur argent 18 carats
  • Taille collier Cesaria : 37 + 5cm
  • Poids collier Cesaria : 5,6 g
  • Taille collier Rose : 39 cm
  • Poids collier Rose : 22,24 g
  • Taille collier Alice : 40 + 10 cm
  • Poids collier Alice : 3,73 g


Plongez dans l'art du layering avec nos compositions de bijoux polyvalents et intemporels, fièrement conçus en France. Inspirée par le raffinement de la mode française et contemporaine, chaque pièce est une expression de style et de sophistication. Chez AGLAIA, nous croyons que la beauté réside dans les détails, et c'est pourquoi nous avons créé des associations de bijoux innovants et tendances, qui s'associeront à tous vos looks.

Laissez nos bijoux ajouter une touche de style à toutes vos occasions. Chaque composition de bijoux joue avec les formes et les styles pour apporter du mouvement et de la brillance à vos tenues. Nos bijoux incarnent la précision, l'innovation et le savoir-faire artisanal français, gage de qualité que vous méritez.


La compo colliers Rose en plaqué or est une création originale Aglaia. Cette association de colliers a été imaginé, désigné et fabriqué en France dans le respect de nos valeurs éthiques.

  • Provenance du laiton Cesaria & Alice : Allemagne et Italie
  • Plaquage Cesaria : Jura
  • Usinage Cesaria : Haute-savoie
  • Provenance du laiton Rose : Allemagne
  • Chaîne et fermoir Rose & Alice : Allemagne
  • Plaquage Rose & Alice : Paris
  • Assemblage et soudure Rose & Alice : Lyon
  • Tréfilage Alice (anneaux) : Ile de France
  • Montage pierre Alice : Marseille
  • Création : Marseille
  • Préparation commande : Marseille

The Aglaia Guarantee

At Aglaia, all our jewelry is made in France by the best craftsmen and we are proud of their quality.

Also, we are committed to providing you with complete peace of mind with a one-year warranty like no other.

No matter what happens to your jewelry during this first year, whether due to an accident or a manufacturing defect, we promise to replace it.

This guarantee demonstrates our confidence in the durability of our creations, as well as our commitment to your complete satisfaction. Experience Aglaia with confidence.


Sustainable Jewelry

Since our creation in 2015, the objective of our House has always been the same: to enhance the daily lives of our customers by allowing them to fully express their uniqueness and their values. We achieve this by offering high fashion jewelry at affordable prices, while having a positive social and environmental impact.

From the responsible and transparent sourcing of our materials to our unique solidarity program, our House offers a new way of consuming fashion. She is the embodiment of committed femininity who is not afraid to express herself.