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Les bijoux de corps estivaux à adopter pour un look ensoleillé

Styling Tips

Summer body jewelry to adopt for a sunny look

The shine of body jewelry: a trend that continues

The history and evolution of body jewelry

Body jewelry, seducing fashion lovers throughout the centuries, evokes subtle charm and a touch of boldness. From ancient Egypt to modern beaches, they often symbolize confidence and self-expression.

Why do body jewelry continue to appeal?

Their power to instantly transform an outfit and enhance the skin makes body jewelry a preferred choice for those looking to add an elegant, summery touch to their look.

Body jewelry to enhance your summer tan

Materials and colors to favor in summer

Opt for body jewelry in gold or gold materials to bring out your summer tan, adding metallic warmth to your tanned skin.

Our tips for choosing the right jewelry to match your outfit

Choose delicate jewelry for a casual look or bold pieces to make a statement. Make sure your body jewelry compliments your outfits, creating visual harmony.

The different types of body jewelry to explore this summer

The body chain: a charming asset for your beach outings

The body chain, with its delicacy, follows the contours of your silhouette, adding a subtle shine to your beach outfits.

Foot jewelry: a bohemian touch to your feet

Anklets and foot jewelry draw the eye to your dancing limbs, adding a bohemian touch to your summer strolls.

How to pair your body jewelry with your summer wardrobe

Body jewelry and swimsuits: a winning duo

Judiciously pairing your body jewelry with your swimsuits not only highlights your figure, but also adds sophistication to your beach look.

Body jewelry with a summer dress: relaxed elegance

Mixing body jewelry with a light summer dress creates a feminine and elegant look, perfect for balmy summer evenings.

Maintaining your body jewelry during the summer

The right actions to preserve their shine

Between the salt water and the sand, summer can be harsh on your jewelry. Be sure to rinse them in fresh water and dry them properly to maintain their shine.

Optimal storage for your jewelry on the go

Use separate pouches to prevent your body jewelry from getting tangled and be sure to store it in a safe place to preserve its shape and shine.