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Aglaia x Iznowgood

Discover our Aglaia x Iznowgood collection in collaboration with content creator Iznowgood . This collection is inspired by the colorful details of Portuguese culture.

Aglaia x Iznowgood

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Discover the Aglaia x Iznowgood collection, inspired by Portuguese culture. Iznowgood, also known as Céline, was inspired by her numerous travels around the world to create with us this collection of unique and trendy jewelry designed with quality, durable materials.

Aglaia x Iznowgood: inspiration

The Aglaia x Iznowgood collection is inspired by the vibrant Portuguese culture, with its modern architecture that harmonizes with the buildings of yesteryear, and the traditions that this beautiful country leaves to subsequent generations. Rich in history, this beautiful country leaves a strong legacy to the youngest which is passed down from generation to generation, like these pairs of gold hoop earrings worn by Portuguese women. More than a piece of jewelry, the gold hoop earrings represent the legacy left by these women to the young girls whom they also call Menina, a symbol of tenderness. Through this collection composed solely of gold hoop earrings, Céline wishes to pay homage to this beautiful heritage that all these Portuguese women wear with elegance. Gold hoop earrings are available in several different styles to please each of you. They are handmade with quality materials and precious metals, in our French workshops. This collection aims to create unique and trendy gold hoop earrings that you will keep for a lifetime. Each hoop is designed to be worn with pride and represents respect and love for Portuguese culture and its heritage. The collection offers bold and sophisticated pieces that are both modern and timeless.

How to choose your Aglaia x Iznowgood hoop earrings?

Gold hoop earrings are the basics to have in your jewelry box because they go easily with all looks. It is the ideal jewel to illuminate the beauty of your face. To choose the pair of gold hoop earrings that suits you best, take into account your height and the shape of your face. The taller you are, the more large hoop earrings you can afford to wear. Too big hoop earrings on a small size can give you a “packed” and disproportionate effect. In general, a person whose height is over 1.70 meters can afford to wear large gold hoop earrings of around 6 cm in diameter and beyond. A person less than 1.60 meters tall should choose smaller gold hoop earrings of around 2 to 2.5 cm in diameter. For your face, if it is rectangular or square, you can opt for large gold hoop earrings. If you have a round, oval or heart-shaped face, small or medium gold hoop earrings would work best so as not to accentuate the rounded features of your face.

How to take care of your gold hoop earrings?

To maintain the beauty and shine of your gold hoop earrings, it is important to maintain them regularly. To begin with, it is essential to clean your gold hoop earrings regularly to remove dirt, body oils and cosmetic residue. To clean them thoroughly, you can clean your gold hoop earrings in lukewarm water with a mild soap. You must then dry your gold hoop earrings and wipe them with a soft cloth or chamois cloth. You should also avoid wearing your gold hoop earrings when using chemicals like household products or beauty products like perfume, it is best to remove your gold hoop earrings before using these products. Also avoid contact with sea water and chlorine, as they can damage your gold hoop earrings. So avoid wearing your gold hoop earrings when you go swimming at the sea or in the pool. It is also essential to protect your gold hoop earrings by changing them properly in a jewelry box or soft pouch, to avoid scratches and damage. This will help protect them from humidity and dust. Avoid mixing your gold hoop earrings with other gold jewelry to avoid rubbing and scratches.