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They are back ! By popularity and demand, find these long-awaited treasures. Don't let them get away from you a second time.

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Find the latestgold jewelryand trendy silver in stock which will allow you to obtain the jewelry of your choice, and to enhance your jewelry box. There you will find bracelets, necklaces, boxes and earrings in gold plated 3 and solid 925 silver, quickly sold out by their dazzling success. You understand, we hope that each of you has the chance to obtain thesilver jewelryor in the gold of his dreams because you matter to us. So this is the opportunity to update yourself on the gold and silver jewelry back in stock to revive your looks. The quality of our gold and silver jewelry is essential, we want to deliver exceptional jewelry to you with unique French know-how. Our gold and silver jewelry is also the expression of more responsible fashion. This is why we support social and environmental causes, in order to encourage sustainable consumption.

How to combine gold or silver jewelry with an outfit?

Gold and silver jewelry are the ways to accessorize an outfit with elegance and originality. They allow you to add a touch of originality to a garment. It is first important to consider the style of the outfit. If the outfit is casual, you can wear simpler and more discreet gold or silver jewelry. If the outfit is more sophisticated, you can wear more refined and elaborate jewelry. It is also important to balance the proportions, in particular to choosegold jewelryor inmoneywhich correspond to the proportions of the outfit. If you wear more casual and simple outfits, you can afford larger, flashier jewelry to dress it up. If your outfit already has patterns and details, you can choose simpler gold and silver jewelry so you don't overdo it. You can also harmonize the colors. For a harmonious look, choose jewelry that complements your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a blue outfit, you can opt for gold jewelry to add a touch of sparkle. If you are wearing a simple outfit, you can opt for gold or silver jewelry with more complex and creative textures.

Which gold or silver jewelry to choose for which event?

It is essential to accessorize a look for an occasion. The style of your gold or silver jewelry should be adapted to the event you are going to. For a more formal occasion such as a professional meeting, choose more discreet and sober gold or silver jewelry, such as a small pair of discreet earrings or a thin and elegant ring. For a romantic evening you can choose gold or silver jewelry that highlights you, such as a long necklace that is delicately lost in your neckline, or a pair of dangling earrings to assert your femininity. For a wedding, opt for more sophisticated and elegant gold or silver jewelry adorned with natural stones or pearls. You can opt for a necklace and dangling earrings made from cultured pearls. For a gala or cocktail evening, choose more imposing gold or silver jewelry, it's time to add boldness to your outfit. You can opt for largecreoles, of thedangling curlswide with or without pearl, arushto highlight your gestures, or a flat chain necklace for an elegant neck.