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Favor responsible materials

Nature is at the heart of the design of our products. It provides us with the materials, mainly minerals, essential for their manufacture. Faced with the fragility of certain resources and the impact of their extraction, we favor sustainable supply methods, in particular by systematically preferring the use of recycled and recyclable materials.

Through our actions, we work to create production sectors committed against the destruction of fauna and flora, extractivism, the use of harmful compounds or even all types of atmospheric and aquatic pollution too often used in the fashion industry.

Ever more sustainable raw materials

Since our creation in 2015, we have worked hard to offer you sustainable materials, often recycled, that meet the most demanding environmental standards.

Less and less packaging, always more recyclable

Our packaging is all made from recyclable materials, mainly cardboard, and does not contain any plastic.

Our shipping boxes are 70% recycled, made in Europe and comply with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) label.

We also strive to limit the volume of our packaging as much as possible, without compromising the quality and protection of our products.

Committed procurement methods

Prefer local supply chains

We favor local supply chains for our raw materials and finished products. By collaborating with local suppliers, we reduce our carbon footprint and support local communities. It’s a win-win approach that reflects our commitment to more responsible fashion.

Supporting our suppliers and artisans

We actively support our suppliers in their transition to more sustainable practices. Through regular audits and constant dialogue, we encourage the adoption of production methods that respect the environment and human rights. It's our way of ensuring that every link in our supply chain contributes to a more responsible future.