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Comment démêler une chaîne de collier ?

Maintenance tips

How to untangle a necklace chain?

Fine and subtle, the necklaces are easily tangled, whether for gold necklaces or silver necklaces . They can get tangled with the chains of other necklaces or bracelets , forming knots that can be difficult to undo.

In order to untangle a necklace and avoid breaking or damaging it, we offer you 4 simple and effective tips for delicately undoing it.

Tip #1

The easiest method to untangle your necklace is to slide the chain between your fingers, and carefully massage the knot to untangle it. Above all, you should not pull your chain suddenly so as not to break it. Patience is your best ally.

Tip #2

If your necklace chain is very tangled, you can use a needle by inserting it into the knot. You can then pull the links gently to enlarge the knot and thus undo it. This will make it easier and gentler to loosen the knot on your necklace.

Tip #3

If your collar knot persists, you can use talcum powder, sprinkling it on the collar knot. The talc will help lubricate the chain to undo the necklace knot. You can also grab a needle to help you untangle the knot faster.

Tip #4

If the necklace knot is particularly difficult to untangle, you can use treatment oil or olive oil to lubricate the chain links. Apply a few drops to the collar knot, then use your fingers or a needle to gently work it until it comes loose.