Gold Jana buckle

Gold Jana buckle

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Gold-plated stud earring with a small hammered triangle.

RJC certified plating
Made in France

These loops are sold individually. If you want to get a pair, remember to add 2 quantities to your cart.

Gold-plated stud earring with a small hammered triangle.

  • Metal: 3 micron Gold Plated on Brass
  • Size: 6mm

The Diafora collection is an ode to women, to women, in all their diversity.

This collection aims to shake up the standards of beauty, by calling for union, tolerance and benevolence of others towards women and of women towards themselves.

Diafora, which means difference in Greek, is an affirmation of the singularity of each woman, of mutual enrichment for plural beauties.

The triangle, the centerpiece of this collection, symbolizes femininity, union and strength. Represented around 3 stones, 3 women, 3 styles, 3 origins, 3 beauties, the Diafora collection gives meaning to plurality.

Each creation bears the first name of a woman from the four corners of the world.

These new aglaïa & co pieces are available around 3 natural stones in soft and feminine colors.

Rose Quartz represents love, love of self, love of others.

With its milky and soft appearance, mother-of-pearl brings a wild and timeless side to our creations.

Finally, the Jade stone symbolizes power. It is a strong stone, steeped in history, which gives a positive energy to these jewels.

The jewels are available in solid silver and gold plated.

Jana earrings are an original Aglaïa & Co creation. This jewel was imagined, designed and manufactured in France in our partner workshops in accordance with our ethical values.

  • Origin of Brass: Italy & Germany
  • Design Buckles: Haute Savoie
  • Tackle: Jura
  • Order Preparation: Marseille