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L'art d'associer et accumuler ses bagues

Styling Tips

The art of combining and accumulating your rings

Find out how to master the art of stacking. We offer you advice, tips and inspiration for creating harmonious and personal ensembles, in a guide designed to enhance all your everyday looks.

A Balance Between Boldness and Finesse

In the refined world of Aglaia jewelry, where each creation is an ode to beauty and innovation, stacking rings reveals itself to be a delicate art, combining audacity and finesse. This practice, much more than a trend, is a way of expressing one's personality, telling a story, and highlighting one's uniqueness. Here's how Aglaia guides you through the art, with tips for mixing with confidence and playing with textures and shapes.

Mix Metals with Confidence

Far from preconceived ideas which dictate not mixing metals, Aglaia encourages breaking conventions. The combination of gold rings and silver rings , far from being a faux pas, is a style statement that reflects a bold personality and an eye for detail. This unconventional approach creates magnificent contrasts and highlights the diversity of the pieces in our collection.

  1. The Harmony of Contrasts

    Pairing luminous gold with the subtle shine of silver offers a unique play of light, enhancing each piece in your stack.

  2. A Bridge between Traditions and Modernity

    This fusion of metals symbolizes the link between heritage and innovation, a pillar of Aglaia’s identity.


Play with Textures and Shapes

The beauty of ring stacking lies in the freedom to mix various elements to create a composition that is both unique and personal. Aglaia offers a wide range of rings with rich textures and diverse shapes, providing a vast playground for jewelry lovers.

  1. Varied Textures

    Alternating between smooth, hammered, or stone-encrusted rings adds depth to your stack, with each texture capturing the light differently.

  2. Unique Shapes

    From thin rings to wider rings , playing with shapes allows you to create an interesting visual dynamic and express your creativity.


Exploring the balance between boldness and finesse, Aglaia invites you to redefine the rules of ring stacking, transforming this art into a rich and nuanced self-expression. Be inspired by the freedom to combine metals, textures and shapes to reveal your unique, personal style.

Create Meaningful Ring Combinations

At Aglaia, we believe that each ring carries within itself an essence, a story of its own. Stacking your rings isn't just about style, it's a way to put together meaningful pieces, to create a whole that speaks to who you are, your dreams, your memories and your hopes. Here's how to give your associations a more personal and meaningful dimension.

The Story Behind Every Ring

Each ring in the Aglaia collection has its own story, inspired by mythology, nature or fairy tales, transforming your accumulation into a personal and unique narrative. By choosing rings that resonate with your personal experiences or aspirations, you create an ensemble that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also rich in meaning.

  1. Memories and Moments

    Include rings acquired on special occasions or given to you by loved ones in your stack to keep these precious memories close at hand.

  2. Symbols and Meanings

    Choose rings that symbolize something important to you, whether it's strength, love, resilience, or newness, to incorporate these energies into your daily life.


The Meaning of Stones

Gemstones are at the heart of many of Aglaia's creations, each carrying unique properties and deep meanings. By incorporating gem-adorned rings into your stack, you add an extra layer of personalization and symbolic power to your selection.

  1. Powers and Virtues

    Whether you are drawn to the serenity of aquamarine, the passion of ruby, or the clarity of quartz, each stone brings its own vibration and benefits to your ensemble.

  2. Color pallet

    Gemstones also offer a beautiful color palette to visually enrich your stacking. Play with colors to create a harmonious or contrasting visual effect, depending on your mood and style.


With a focus on creating meaningful combinations, Aglaia invites you to see beyond aesthetics to embrace ring stacking as a deeply personal form of expression. Let your jewelry choices tell your story, reveal your personality, and carry your intentions into the world.

Tips for Harmonious Ring Accumulation

Stacking rings offers endless creative freedom, but mastering the art requires a sense of balance and harmony. Aglaia, with its collection of finely crafted jewelry, offers you tips for creating stacks that capture attention while remaining elegant and cohesive. Here's how to balance boldness and subtlety in your ring selection.

Find Your Balance

Harmony in ring stacking lies in the ability to balance strong pieces with more muted elements, allowing each ring to shine without overwhelming the whole.

  1. Balanced Distribution

    Distribute the rings between the fingers to create a pleasant visual effect. Playing with symmetries or asymmetries can add visual interest to your hand without overwhelming it.

  2. Size Variation

    Combine rings of different sizes for an effect of depth. A more imposing ring can serve as a centerpiece, while thinner rings will bring lightness to the whole.


Less is More

Although stacking rings invites experimentation, sometimes it's best to err on the side of simplicity for maximum impact.

  1. Thoughtful Selection

    Each ring in your stack should have its reason for being. Careful selection creates a cohesive ensemble that truly reflects your personal style.

  2. Space and Breathing

    Leaving a little space between certain rings can not only be comfortable but also highlight each piece individually, allowing the eye to appreciate them separately and as a whole.


By following these tips, you can put together stacks of rings that perfectly balance elegance and originality. Aglaia encourages you to see each ring as a work of art in its own right, deserving of being highlighted in a harmonious composition that tells your personal story.

Stacking, Self-Expression

Stacking rings transcends simple adornment; it becomes a canvas on which your identity, your tastes, and your convictions are drawn. At Aglaia, we see this act as a personal art form, a celebration of individuality through the choice and assembly of our unique creations. Here's how to make stacking rings a real self-expression.

Express Your Unique Style

In the quest for personal expression, each ring you choose to wear is a reflection of your personality, your passions, and your story. Aglaia encourages you to fully embrace your individuality, selecting rings that speak to your heart and showcase your unique style.

  1. Freedom of Choice

    Let your intuition guide you when choosing stacking rings. Whether bold, understated, classic, or modern, your selections should resonate with who you are.

  2. Change and Evolution

    Your style is not fixed; it evolves with you. Don’t hesitate to reinvent your stacking according to your moods, your experiences, and your discoveries.


Let Your Intuition Speak

Ring stacking at Aglaia isn't just about trends or style rules; it is above all listening to oneself, an intimate dialogue with one's own desires and aspirations. Let your intuition be your guide in creating an ensemble that speaks to and inspires you.

  1. A Creative Act

    Think of your ring stacking as an ever-evolving work of art, a way to tell your story to the world.

  2. Trust and Assurance

    Wear your wetsuits with confidence and pride. It’s in the confidence of your choices that your personal style shines the most.


Stacking rings is a celebration of uniqueness, an opportunity to reveal the richness of your inner world to the outside world. At Aglaia, we are honored to be part of your journey of self-expression, offering you pieces that inspire and embellish every gesture of your daily life.