Our engagements

We are a committed brand...committed to redefining fashion, committed to the planet, committed to others, committed to you, to us. We carry these values ​​every day with our team to imagine the business and fashion of tomorrow, and to serve you with excellence as our ambition.


Ever more ethical products

The sourcing of our raw materials is a key issue. We work every day to provide you with transparent products made from the most environmentally and socially responsible materials. Recycled silver, stones sourced directly from the mine, GOTS-certified cotton...discover these materials that will be the fashion of tomorrow.


Local and sustainable fashion

We are proud to work daily with recognized French workshops in order to offer you high quality products designed to last. It is essential for us to promote local craftsmanship to preserve jobs and French know-how. In addition, working in collaboration with local artisans allows us to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of our products.


Total transparency

Transparency is an essential issue for tomorrow's fashion, whether in terms of raw materials, production or sales. We made this choice, we work and we will work every day in this direction.


Top notch customer service

You are our essential and that is why we make every effort to provide you with the best possible service. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request, our team is always there for you.


A unique solidarity program

The best for last...aglaïa & co is the only company in the world to donate 5% of its sales (all year round) to its partner associations. It's our way of redistributing part of the value we create to those most in need.

Our engagements

We are committed every day to imagining the business and fashion of tomorrow.


Our Materials

Everything we make has an impact on people and the planet. Discover how our creations are made.


The making

We believe that it is necessary to preserve French know-how and employment while limiting our ecological footprint.


Our Solidarity Program

We dedicate 5% of our sales to help the associations of your choice to act for social equality and the preservation of the environment.