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Guide to the Stones

Discover the fascinating world of our natural gems full of meaning. Take advantage of their virtues while adding a touch of color to your style that will not go unnoticed.


Are you worried about a big decision? Let Onyx guide you to your inner strength. It is an ideal companion for a more centered and relaxed life.

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The Moon Stone

Do you have blank page syndrome or do you need a burst of creativity? The Moonstone is there to awaken passion, creativity and guide you towards the right path.

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The Pearl of Culture

Soft and luminous, the Pearl evokes purity and elegance. It nourishes self-esteem and provides emotional comfort to feel good.

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Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Labradorite. She is the guardian of your aura, protecting your inner strength while awakening your psychic abilities.

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This stone refreshes your perspective and reconnects you to your authentic values, ideal for those seeking renewal.

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Inspiring courage and perseverance, this stone is a catalyst for passionately pursuing your deepest aspirations.

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The Turquoise

Like a protective shield, Turquoise watches over you. It is the ideal companion for those looking to recharge their batteries and protect themselves from negative waves.

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Walk confidently with Aventurine. It is the key to opening the doors of opportunity, inviting luck and success into your life.

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Faced with the storms of life, Aquamarine acts as a beacon of serenity. It calms the mind. The perfect gem to overcome stressful moments.

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This stone brings a dose of optimism and stimulates the will to achieve one's goals, ideal for transforming dreams into reality.

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Raspberry Quartz

Wrap yourself in the love and tenderness of Raspberry Quartz. This stone is an invitation to cherish your heart and cultivate harmony in your relationships.

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Lapis Lazuli

Elevate your spirit with Lapis Lazuli, the stone of wisdom and truth. It opens the doors to inner knowledge.

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A boost of pure energy to clarify your goals and strengthen your motivation. The companion for any personal development project.

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The Sun Stone

Infuse your daily life with positive energy and renewed dynamism with Sunstone, the ideal companion for those seeking to brighten their perspectives.

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Harmonize your mental space with Fluorite, a stone that promotes concentration and balance, ideal for overcoming distractions and stress.

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Amethyst invites serenity and spiritual elevation, providing a peaceful refuge for the spirit in an often tumultuous world.

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Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal, with its purity and ability to channel energy, is the perfect ally to clarify your thoughts and revitalize your environment.

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Green Chalcedony

Promoting inner serenity and receptivity to new ideas, Chalcedony is perfect for encouraging mental and emotional flexibility.

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