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Wide Bracelets

Explore our selection of wide bracelets for women, fusing timeless designs with avant-garde creations.

Wide Bracelets

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Discover the sumptuous Aglaia wide bracelet collection, a French jewelry brand that embodies both timeless elegance and environmental responsibility. Our wide bracelets, available in 18k gold plated and solid 925 silver, offer you a premium jewelry experience in an ethical and sustainable way.

Our wide bracelets are much more than just accessories. Each piece is meticulously designed in France to represent the harmony between the art of jewelry and our commitment to protecting the planet. When you choose our wide bracelets, you are opting for responsible fashion.

Explore our range of large bracelets and discover unique creations that reflect the very essence of Aglaia. Our wide bracelets are made with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for excellence. Wear a piece of history and responsibility with our wide bracelets, a style statement that transcends fleeting trends.

Explore our wide bracelet collection today and discover how Aglaia is redefining the world of jewelry, one wide bracelet at a time. Aglaia, where fashion meets responsibility, where elegance meets ethics.