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Discover our necklaces made in France in our workshops. Choose the piece that suits you and that will accompany you every day.


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Sautoir LuciaSautoir Lucia
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Long ball chain necklace in silver

Long ball chain necklace in silver Sterling silver 925

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Long forçat chain necklace in silver

Long forçat chain necklace in silver Sterling silver 925

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A neck imbued with lightness and femininity is illustrated by wearing one of our necklaces in 3 micron gold plated or in solid 925 silver. Enhance your looks by combining our necklaces with yournecklaces, for an ever more trendy look. You can wear the necklaces alone for a more refined style, or in accumulation for a more glamorous style. You can also dress our necklaces withpendants, or a medallion with your astrological sign to reveal your personality. We put all our efforts into the quality of our necklaces to deliver you exceptional jewelry, a source of value and commitment. We are very attentive to the sourcing of our sustainable raw materials, because we want to participate and encourage more ethical and sustainable consumption. Our French manufacturing, as well as our commitments to social and environmental causes, mark our desire to revolutionize the world of fashion for a better world.

How is a necklace worn?

Long necklaces are the trendy jewelry of the moment, they can be combined with all your favorite necklaces. Long necklaces allow you to highlight your silhouette with a long hanging chain, and also to refine it. They bring a touch that is both refined and elegant, because they enhance your bust and neckline with finesse. You can therefore wear an outfit with a round neck or a V-neck to make your necklace stand out. For a dressier look, you can opt for accumulation with othernecklacesof different lengths. Whether for a casual outfit or an evening outfit, a necklace always offers a touch of originality.

How to maintain a saltire?

To maintain a saltire, you must first be careful not to get it wet, whether in the swimming pool with chlorinated water, or in the sea with salt water. You should also remove your necklace if you do sports or any other physical activity that causes sweating so as not to damage it. Also avoid contact with chemicals like cosmetics, cleaning products or perfume. You can regularly clean your sautoir with a soft cloth or achamois. Also be sure to carefully store your necklaces in a dry place so as not to leave it in contact with dust, either in your jewelry box or in a fabric pouch.

How to choose between a gold necklace or a silver necklace?

When you choose a necklace, it is important to take your skin tone into consideration in order to best bring out yourgold jewelryor in money. For warm and/or tanned skin, gold necklaces will be perfect for bringing out the warmth of your complexion. For the coldest and/or dewy skin, silver necklaces will go wonderfully with your complexion. You also need to consider the color of your veins. If your complexion is warm and/or your veins are green, gold jewelry is always preferred. If you have a cold complexion and/or blue and/or purple veins, thesilver jewelryare better. Some have the possibility of wearing gold necklaces and silver necklaces. Those with warm skin and/or blue veins can wear both. Those with cool skin and/or green veins may also wear gold and silver.