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Size guide

Method 1 – Measure the circumference of your finger

If you don't have rings in your size, you can use a piece of string, wire or a strip of paper measuring a few mm, and measure your finger circumference to find out.

  1. Take a string and wrap it tightly around your finger before making a notch where the threads overlap.
  2. Transfer the measurement between the notches on a ruler, and look at the length to the nearest millimeter.
  3. Follow the measurements in the table below:
Your measurement is between Take the corresponding size from Aglaia
49 and 54mm 49 - 54
55 and 60mm 55 - 60

If you are between 2 sizes, consider sizing up.

Method 2 – Use a ring sizer

If you already have rings, but want to be sure of the Aglaia & Co sizes, you can use this ring sizer.

To do this, print this document on an A4 sheet, so that the scale corresponds to 10cm, and place your ring on the circle that suits it best in your opinion.

Be careful, the circle must be stuck to the internal edge of your ring, without gap, but without covering it either.

The circle that best matches your ring will therefore be your size!

Download our ring sizer