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L'art d'associer et accumuler ses colliers

Styling Tips

The art of combining and accumulating your necklaces

Discover how to take the art of pairing and stacking your necklaces to a new level of elegance. From selecting lengths and materials to creating the perfect looks for every occasion, this guide is your ally in expressing your unique style.

In the world of jewelry, the art of combining and accumulating necklaces is an expression of style and personality that knows no limits. At Aglaia, we see layering as a way to add a unique touch of elegance to every outfit. Whether you're a fan of elegant minimalism or love bolder styles, mastering the art of pairing your necklaces will allow you to reveal your individuality and fully embrace your creativity. In this guide, we invite you to explore with us the secrets to creating harmonious necklace sets, perfectly reflecting your personal essence thanks to the diversity of the Aglaia collections

Understanding the Basics of Collar Association

To begin the subtle art of combining and accumulating your necklaces with grace, it is essential to master a few basic principles. These foundations will help you create combinations that are both harmonious and captivating, which will highlight your outfit and your personality. Aglaia offers you an overview of the key elements to consider.

Choose According to Length

The length of necklaces is a key consideration in creating a successful layered look. The idea is to play with the different lengths to create an effect of depth and visual interest.

  1. Chokers

    Perfect for the layer closest to your neck, chokers or chokers add a touch of delicacy.

  2. Princess Necklaces

    Of medium length, so-called princess necklaces fall just below the choker and often serve as a centerpiece.

  3. Opera Long Necklaces and Necklaces

    Longer, the necklaces bring a fluid elegance and can be doubled to vary the lengths.


Playing with Materials

The combination of different materials adds textural richness to your ensemble. Aglaia offers a variety of necklaces in 18-karat gold and 925 sterling silver, sometimes embellished with precious stones or pearls, which lend themselves perfectly to this practice.

  1. Mixing of Metals

    Combine gold necklaces and silver necklaces for a contemporary look. The trick is to choose a centerpiece in one material and add accents in the other.

  2. Precious Stones and Pearls

    Introducing semi-precious stone necklaces with colorful elements or varying textures creates an interesting focal point and adds extra dimension to your layering.


Keeping these basics on length and materials in mind will lay the foundation for a balanced and aesthetically pleasing necklace set. The key is to experiment and find what resonates best with your personal style, while enjoying the quality and beauty of Aglaia's creations.

Create Harmonious Combinations

After you've mastered the basics, the secret to elevating your necklace matching game lies in the ability to create combinations that speak not only of style, but also of harmony and personality. At Aglaia, we believe that every combination should tell a story, reflecting who you are and how you feel. Here's how to achieve that perfect balance between shapes, patterns, and colors.

The Balance of Forms and Patterns

The key to successful layering is finding a visual balance that draws the eye without overwhelming it. Play with geometric shapes, organic designs, and delicate patterns to create a cohesive yet captivating ensemble.

  1. Contrast and Complementarity

    Pair necklaces in various shapes, like a geometric pendant necklace with a delicate chain adorned with small beads. The goal is to create an interesting contrast while maintaining a certain visual unity.

  2. Subtle Repetition

    Use recurring patterns or design elements to tie your necklaces together. This could be a subtle floral pattern that appears on several pieces or a specific shape that repeats.


Color as a Point of Union

Colors play a crucial role in pairing necklaces, serving as a common thread between different pieces. Use color to create harmony or, conversely, to introduce an element of surprise.

  1. Harmonious Palette

    Select necklaces with gemstones or details in complementary hues. A cohesive color palette will visually unite the necklaces, creating an elegant and thoughtful look.

  2. Color Accents

    For a bolder effect, choose a necklace with a colorful pendant as a centerpiece and complement it with more understated necklaces. This helps draw attention to a specific point, while maintaining overall balance.


By integrating these principles of shapes, patterns, and colors, you can create necklace combinations that not only complement each other aesthetically, but also tell a unique and personal story. Aglaia jewelry, with its rich palette of designs and colors, provides an ideal playground for expressing your creativity and individuality.

The Necklace Association for Every Occasion

Choosing the right necklaces to pair with can transform any outfit, making it perfectly fit the occasion. Whether it's a typical day at the office or an elegant evening, Aglaia guides you through the best practices for matching your necklaces appropriately and with style.

For an everyday look

For your daytime outfits, favor simplicity and comfort, without sacrificing elegance. The goal is to complete your look without overwhelming it, choosing necklaces that add a touch of light and personality.

  1. Sophisticated Simplicity

    A delicate pendant necklace, paired with a simple choker, can create a versatile and fresh daytime look. Opt for fine pieces that layer effortlessly for understated elegance.

  2. Touches of Color

    Incorporate a necklace with a small colored stone to add a subtle accent to your outfit. This can enhance a monochrome look or complement the colors in your daytime wardrobe.


For a Special Event

Special occasions call for bolder, more sophisticated necklace pairings. It's time to let your most statement pieces shine and play with layers for dramatic effect.

  1. Radiance and Glamor

    Pair multiple necklaces with gemstone pendants for a rich and captivating look. Stacking longer necklaces with embellished pieces creates a powerful fashion statement.

  2. Harmony of Textures

    For an evening, mix necklaces of different textures for a rich visual effect. Gold chains intertwined with pearl necklaces provide a luxurious contrast that catches the eye.


By tailoring your necklace combinations to the occasion, you ensure your jewelry selection perfectly complements your outfit and the event. Aglaia creations, through their variety and elegance, are your ideal allies in finding the perfect balance between style and occasion, allowing you to shine in any situation.

Practical Tips for Hoarding Necklaces

Mastering the art of accumulating your necklaces requires not only a refined aesthetic sense, but also the application of a few practical tips. At Aglaia, we understand the importance of ease and functionality in everyday jewelry wear. Here are tips to help you stack your necklaces with confidence and style.

Know When to Stop

One of the keys to successful necklace accumulation is knowing when the set is complete. Too many pieces can overwhelm your look and lose visual impact.

  1. Mirror Test

    Take a step back and look at your ensemble in the mirror. If removing one part makes the whole thing better, it's time to stop.

  2. Balance and Focus

    Make sure your buildup creates a harmonious focal point, without distracting from your face or expression of your personal style.


Maintenance and Storage

Proper care and storage of your necklaces is not only a matter of keeping them organized, but also of preserving their original beauty and luster, especially to avoid tarnishing which can alter the colors of metals. Tarnishing, a natural but undesirable phenomenon, can cause a color difference between your metal pieces, disrupting the harmony of your necklace accumulations. To counter this, it is crucial to store your jewelry in a dry place, away from humidity and preferably in individual compartments or on necklace holders that prevent direct contact between them. This reduces the risk of oxidation and maintains the color integrity of your metals, whether gold, silver or plated. Gentle, regular cleaning, following recommendations specific to each metal type, will also help maintain shine and prevent tarnishing, ensuring each necklace remains a valuable addition to your collection for years to come. At Aglaia, we are dedicated to offering you jewelry that retains its splendor, allowing you to accumulate it with confidence and elegance.

By applying these practical tips, stacking necklaces becomes not only a way to express your unique style, but also an enjoyable, hassle-free experience. Aglaia jewelry, designed with care and attention, deserves to be worn, maintained and appreciated at its true value.

By exploring the art of combining and stacking our necklaces, we discover a world of possibilities that allow us to express our unique style and personality. At Aglaia, each necklace is designed to be a personal work of art, capable of telling a story, adding a touch of elegance or creating a strong visual impact, depending on the occasion and your mood. By mastering the basics of pairing, creating harmonious combinations, and choosing carefully based on the event, while following proper care practices, you can turn any outfit into a fashion statement. We hope this guide inspires you to experiment with your Aglaia necklaces, find new ways to combine them, and wear them with confidence and pride. After all, stacking necklaces is more than a trend; it’s an art form that allows you to shine brightly.