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Explore our collection of earrings made in France in our workshops. To wear alone or in accumulations. You are free to let your creativity shine.


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Harmony Sleeper
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Harmony Sleeper
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Harmony SleeperHarmony Sleeper
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Ilios sleeperIlios sleeper
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Ilios sleeperIlios sleeper
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Gabrielle hoop earringsGabrielle hoop earrings
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Boucles d'oreilles puces composées d'une perle de culture ronde de 6mm en plaqué or 3 microns made in France.Elegance stud earrings
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Gabrielle earringsGabrielle earrings
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Boucle d'oreille puce au design étoile en plaqué or 3 microns made in France.Petite puce en étoile en plaqué or, fabriquée en France.

Marella loop 18ct gold plated

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Petite joaillerie Pierre éthique New InAlmost sold out
Akira earringAkira earring

Akira earring Plaqué or 18ct

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Boucles d'oreilles VeraBoucles d'oreilles Vera
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Enhance your face gently by wearing our earrings in 3 micron gold plated or solid 925 silver. We created them to give your face the radiance it deserves, either with our rectangle earrings for 'refine, or our dangling earrings adorned with cultured pearls for a more sophisticated effect. Our earrings will be able to match your looks for each of your desires. We rely on creativity and quality to bring you the most precious jewelry. We wish to transmit unique French know-how with strong values ​​and commitments for the benefit of a more ethical and sustainable world. In our opinion, fashion is a means of expression through which eco-responsible messages for a better world must be conveyed. This is why we want to share with you our eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical values ​​through meaningful jewelry.

How to choose your earrings?

It is possible to match your earrings to the shape of your face in order to refine or accentuate certain facial features according to your preferences. If you have a round face, it is better to opt fordangling earringslong and thin to refine your face, or square or rectangular earrings for a more symmetrical face. For round faces, you should favor rounded earrings likecreoles, teardrop or organically shaped earrings, orfleasto soften the angles of your face. For heart-shaped faces, you should opt for earrings that are wider at the bottom and thinner at the top to counterbalance the shape of your face. For the lucky ones with an oval face, all shapes of earrings fit your face perfectly. For those with a diamond face, opt for short and large earrings to add volume to your face. Finally, for rectangular faces, choose earrings that soften your facial features with rounded or oval earrings.

How to choose between gold earrings and silver earrings?

It is possible to choose earrings in oror silver earrings depending on personal preference and skin color. It is important to take your skin tone into account to adapt your jewelry and bring out your complexion better. Skin color therefore plays an essential role in choosing your gold or silver jewelry. In general, gold jewelry looks better on warmer skin tones, and silver jewelry looks better on cooler skin tones. If you have warm skin, your veins appear greener and your skin tone is more golden or tan. For these, the gold earringsbring out the warmth of your complexion. If you have cool skin, your veins appear bluer and your skin has a pinkish, red, or blue tint. In this case, thesilver earringssuit your skin tone better.

How to take care of your earrings?

In order to make your jewelry last over time, it is important to take care of it, whether it is your gold or silver earrings, your creoles, yourfleas, yourdangling curls, yourearcuffsand all your otherssmall curls. To maintain your earrings, here are our little onesinterview tips: Avoid contact with chemicals

  • Avoid contact with chemicals
  • Clean your earrings regularly with a soft cloth, or achamois
  • Store your earrings carefully in dry, safe places
  • Take off your earrings before sleeping or exercising
  • For silver earrings, use a specific cleaning product to avoid oxidation
  • Have your earrings checked by a jeweler to make sure your jewelry is in good condition.

And if you don't always find the earrings of your dreams, you can discover other treasures in ourcurl bar.

In the world of AGLAIA, earrings transcend their status as simple accessories to become emblems of elegance and unforgettable celebrations. Perfect for magnifying life's key moments - baptisms, birthdays, weddings - they embody the quintessence of style and finesse. Our women's collection, where gold plated and solid silver blend gracefully, is the result of a passionate quest for excellence. Each meticulously designed piece pays homage to jewelry tradition while adding a contemporary touch. At AGLAIA, we believe that earrings don't just embellish - they reveal, they accentuate, they transform. Our range, varied in shapes, materials and dimensions, is an invitation to find the jewel that resonates with your natural grace. Looking for a gift that touches the heart? Let yourself be seduced by our creations set with precious stones, reflections of our commitment to guiding each woman towards the choice that suits her. AGLAIA is the assurance of timeless elegance, French luxury, where each pair of earrings celebrates the great art of jewelry.