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June Birthstone

In June, we celebrate the beauty of Mother-of-Pearl, an organic material renowned for its iridescent shine and changing reflections. If you are a person who appreciates softness, fluidity and has a deep sense of harmony, Mother of Pearl could truly speak to your soul.

June Birthstone

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Aglaia is proud to present its June birthstone collection made of moonstone, a semi-precious gem of unparalleled beauty. The June birthstone can help you maintain inner serenity, develop your artistic creativity and promote a harmonious atmosphere around you. It is essential to remember that the meanings assigned to semi-precious stones can vary depending on cultural and individual beliefs. If you are looking for sophisticated and elegant jewelry, you will be won over by our unique collection of moonstone necklaces, rings, pendants and other jewelry.

What does the June birthstone represent?

The birthstone of June is Moonstone. It is traditionally associated with several meanings and attributes, including:

  1. Emotional balance: Moonstone is often considered a stone that promotes emotional balance. It can help soothe emotions, reduce stress and promote mental stability.
  2. Creativity: This gem is also linked to creativity. It is believed to stimulate imagination and inspiration, making it a popular stone for artists and creative people.
  3. Intuition: Moonstone is known to strengthen intuition and perception. It can help develop greater sensitivity to subtle environmental and emotional cues.
  4. Love and Romance: In some cultures, Moonstone is associated with love and romance, and it is considered a symbol of passion and emotional connection.

What is moonstone?

Moonstone is a variety of adularia, a mineral belonging to the feldspar group. It is characterized by its shimmering glow, called "adularescence", which creates a play of soft, shimmering colors when the stone is viewed under certain light sources. This unique optical feature makes the moonstone appear to be sparkling or reflecting the light of the moon, hence its name.

Moonstone can vary in color, ranging from white to gray, including bluish, green or peach hues. This color variation is often due to tiny inclusions of minerals or particles in the stone.

Historically, Moonstone has been used in jewelry for centuries and was considered a precious stone, particularly in India, where it was associated with lunar deities. It was also popular during the Art Nouveau era in the early 20th century and became emblematic of this art movement due to its mystical appearance.

Well made from moonstone

Moonstone is a precious stone that is appreciated for its aesthetic and symbolic properties. Here are some of the benefits and uses associated with Moonstone:

  1. Personal development :Many believe that Moonstone promotes personal development by enhancing intuition, creativity and mental clarity. It can help you better understand your emotions and find emotional balance.
  2. Emotional appeasement:Moonstone is often used to soothe emotions and reduce stress. It can help calm emotional storms and promote a general state of well-being.
  3. Hormonal balance:Some claim that Moonstone can help balance hormones, particularly in women, making it a popular stone for matters relating to womanhood and motherhood.
  4. Creativity and inspiration:It is associated with creativity and can stimulate the imagination, making it a stone favored by artists, writers and creators.
  5. Spirituality:Moonstone is sometimes used in spiritual and meditative practices to promote spiritual connection and self-exploration.

It is important to note that the benefits of Moonstone are primarily based on beliefs and traditions, and they can vary from person to person. If you are interested in using Moonstone for its properties, it is advisable to wear or use it in whatever way feels most meaningful and beneficial to you.