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Engage with others

In an increasingly unequal world, we consider it essential that each company participates in a global effort of generosity and solidarity. By supporting associations or charitable causes, we make our contribution to building a more just and equitable society.

This act transforms the perception of our jewelry, which takes on a deeper dimension than its simple material beauty. They become symbols of generosity and societal commitment. It’s a tangible way for us and our customers to make a positive difference, breathing additional meaning into our creation and consumption of our products.


Since 2015, this is the amount that we have donated to our partner associations to help them take care of women, minorities, the sick, animals or the planet.

Our historical partners

Defend women

In 2023, we are refocusing our charitable activities around women. Aglaia is a House naturally dedicated to women, so it was natural for us to refocus our charitable actions around all subjects, positive or negative, which directly or indirectly affect women. All of its actions will be integrated into our CSR program to which we dedicate 5% of our turnover.

Establish partnerships with associations dedicated to women

We continue to contribute financially to organizations that support the education of girls, the emancipation of women, or that fight against violence against women. Through these associations, we take part in concrete projects for which we can concretely see their impact and benefits.

Raise public awareness of the cause

We use our brand platform on a daily basis to raise awareness on issues such as gender equality and violence against women. This takes several forms: testimonials, podcasts, articles, photo or video campaigns, collaborations with artists or other brands...

Participate in or organize dedicated events

Whether it is solidarity races or educational workshops, we are proud to regularly contribute to initiatives that have a positive impact on women. By actively getting involved in these protests, we hope to inspire change and encourage everyone to take part in building a fairer world.