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925 Silver Necklaces

Discover our necklaces in solid recycled 925 silver. With or without a pendant, our jewelry is made to surprise you and to offer you the quality you deserve.

925 Silver Necklaces

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Celine necklaceCeline necklace
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Collier en argent massif 925 formant des petits soleils entrelacés et striés, fabriqué en France.Sol Necklace
Elegance NecklaceElegance Necklace
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Laurane necklaceLaurane necklace
Baly necklaceBaly necklace
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Collier ras de cou composé de tourmalines roses et de petites perles argentées striées en argent massif 925 made in France.Alesia necklace

Alesia necklace Solid 925 silver / Tourmaline

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Composition de deux colliers, avec un collier orné de perles de culture, et un collier en chaîne forçat avec une médaille torsadée en argent massif 925 made in France.Association de deux colliers en argent massif 925, composée d'un collier full perles de culture, et un collier en chaîne forçat avec une médaille aux contours torsadés, fabriqués en France.
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Compo colliers VivienneCompo colliers Vivienne
ethical stone
Pasithéa necklacePasithéa necklace
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Collier en maille rectangle avec un fermoir large rond en argent massif 925 made in France.Collier en chaîne rectangle avec un gros fermoir rond en argent massif 925 made in France.
ethical stone
Themis necklaceThemis necklace
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Sun NecklaceSun Necklace
ethical stone
Sun Necklace
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Louise necklace
Upcycled Almost sold out
Estelle necklace
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Collier en argent massif 925, chaîne forçat et médaille composée d'un croissant de lune martelé et d'un soleil représenté par une petite pierre ronde de Lapis Lazuli, laissant briller quelques rayons, made in France.
Small jewelry ethical stone
Mahina necklaceMahina necklace
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Composition de deux colliers, avec un collier ras de cou en chaîne fine orné de petites mailles carrées, et un collier fin avec un pendentif soleil ajouré aux contours striés en argent massif 925 made in France..Association de deux colliers en argent massif 925, composée d'un collier en chaîne forçat avec un pendentif soleil, et un collier en chaîne fine avec des petites mailles carrées, fabriqués en France.
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Embellish the opening of your neck with one of our silver necklaces, which subtly blends with your skin with softness and lightness. With an enchanting tone, our solid 925 silver necklaces combine perfectly with other jewelry for an ever more chic and elegant look. We put in place the necessary efforts to offer you silver necklaces that follow the latest trends of the moment. We offer silver necklaces decorated with cultured pearls, with a rectangular chain or with one of our unique pendants. All ournecklacesoffer you a different style depending on the look you want to highlight. Opting for our French creations guarantees you not only excellent quality with our French artisans, but also a commitment to social and environmental causes. It is with you that we wish to revolutionize fashion codes for more ethical fashion and sustainable, concerned with current environmental and social issues.

How to untangle your silver necklaces?

Undoing a tangled silver necklace can be a hassle. To help you untangle it without damaging the chains, we suggest some tips to save you time. You can use a needle, bobby pin, or paper clip to gently separate the chains of your silver necklace on a flat surface. To make untangling your silver necklace easier, try pouring talcum powder onto the knot to be untangled. You can also apply a few drops of olive oil and gently massage the silver necklace to loosen the knots.

What to choose between a gold necklace and a silver necklace?

When choosing necklaces, take your skin tone into consideration. Warm tones go well withgold necklaces, while cool tones go best with silver necklaces. If your veins are greener and/or your skin is golden or tan, gold necklaces will be perfect. On the other hand, if your veins are more blue, and/or purple, and/or your skin is more pink, opt for silver necklaces. People with warm skin tones and/or blue veins, as well as those with cool skin tones and/or green veins, can wear both gold and silver necklaces.

How to maintain your silver necklaces?

To preserve your silver necklaces, be careful not to wear them in the swimming pool or the sea. Store your silver necklaces in a dark, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Remove them before sleeping or practicing a sporting activity. Avoid exposing your silver necklaces to chemicals like soap, cosmetics or household products. For silver necklaces, apply a specific product to prevent oxidation. To be sure they are in good condition, have your silver necklaces checked by a professional jeweler.