Collier ras de cou en perles de culture en plaqué or 3 microns fabriqué en France
Collier de perles plaqué or 3 microns made in France
Association de colliers composée de 3 colliers en plaqué or 3 microns : un collier ras de cou perle, un collier chaîne plate, un collier avec pendentif signe astrologique scorpion
Association de bijoux made in France en plaqué or 3 microns composée de boucles d'oreilles puces et de colliers ras de cou perle et chaîne rectangle.
Association de bijoux éthiques plaqué or 3 microns composée d'un collier ras de cou en perles de culture, un collier en maille soleil et un collier en chaîne fine avec un pendentif au motif lune et soleil, d'une boucle pendante en chaîne ovale facetté avec une perle de culture, d'une boucle ovale strillée et d'une petite puce en forme de losange, fabriqués en France.

Adèle necklace in gold and pearl

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Gold plated pearl choker necklace. Can be combined with other necklaces from our collections.

Color:Gold / Pearl
RJC certified plating
Made in France
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Gold plated pearl choker necklace. Can be combined with other necklaces from our collections.

To ensure that the condition of your jewel remains optimal, we invite you to read our maintenance advice.

  • Metal: 3 micron Gold Plated on Brass
  • Pearl size: 3 x 4 mm
  • Size: 38.5cm

The creations of the Venus collection bear the names of great women who have contributed to shaping a fairer world by defending gender equality, as well as the climate emergency.

All these women knew how to use their notoriety to highlight these subjects while finding a way to act to be heard.

Through this collection we wanted to honor all these women by offering you creations that are strong, delicate and timeless. A way to celebrate these women who inspire us and who give us the strength to act on our scale.

Just like the Pearl that has crossed the ages, these women have made it possible to improve our daily lives.

The Adèle necklace is an original Aglaïa & Co creation. This jewel was imagined, designed and manufactured in France in accordance with our ethical values.

  • 3 micron gold-plated brass
  • Origin of the brass: Germany & Italy
  • Creation: Marseilles
  • Editing: Marseilles
  • Stone origin: Southeast Asia
  • Order preparation: Marseille