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Lucie bracelet

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Cord bracelet made up of a twisted ring in 925 silver plated. A classic revisited thanks to its fine, slightly hammered twist and its cord with golden highlights.

925 silver plated

Made in France

We are proud to offer you quality jewelry made in France by talented local artisans.

Our production is spread across several workshops in France, each specialized in a particular field of jewelry. We have founders, setters, polishers, engravers and fitters, all passionate about their profession and their know-how.

We use traditional and innovative techniques to create unique and timeless jewelry. Each stage of production is carried out with care and attention to detail. Our artisans work closely with our team of designers to create jewelry that reflects our commitment to quality and excellence.

We are proud to contribute to the local economy by supporting French artisans while maintaining high quality standards in our production. At Aglaia, we are convinced that our 100% Made in France production is a guarantee of quality, authenticity and sustainability for our customers.

So don't wait any longer, fall for our Made in France jewelry collections where each piece of jewelry tells a unique and authentic story.

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Details & Composition

Cord bracelet made up of a twisted ring in 925 silver. A classic revisited thanks to its fine, slightly hammered twist and its cord with golden highlights.

To ensure that the condition of your jewelry remains optimal, we invite you to read our maintenance advice: our maintenance advice .

  • Metal: 925 silver plated on brass
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Weight: 1g


The Aglaia Fusion collection embodies the perfect marriage between timeless elegance and contemporary boldness. Inspired by the idea that contrasts complement and enhance each other, this unique collection brings together gold and silver in a harmonious dance of materials and light. Each piece of jewelry, whether necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings, is a celebration of individuality and strength of character, designed for those who dare to shine.

At the heart of Fusion are twisted rings with an original design, a metaphor for an intertwined life with its ups and downs, but always resolutely beautiful. These pieces are not simple jewelry, they are emblems of character, designed to capture the eye and encourage reflection. Each piece is a reminder of inherent beauty, a call for differences to unite, and a tribute to those who embrace their uniqueness.

Continuing our commitment to meaningful causes, the Fusion collection goes beyond aesthetics. It is a reflection of our belief that real beauty comes from within and manifests when we recognize and celebrate our differences. By wearing a piece from the Fusion collection, you are not only asserting your style, you are carrying a message of strength, harmony and acceptance.


The Lucie bracelet in gold plated and 925 silver is an original Aglaia creation. This bracelet was designed, designed and manufactured in France in accordance with our ethical values.

  • Creation: Marseille
  • Origin of metals: Germany and Italy
  • Origin of the cord: Puy-de-Dôme
  • Wire drawing: Île-de-France
  • Assembly and welding: Rhône and Marseille
  • Plating: Rhône

The Aglaia Guarantee

At Aglaia, all our jewelry is made in France by the best craftsmen and we are proud of their quality.

Also, we are committed to providing you with complete peace of mind with a one-year warranty like no other.

No matter what happens to your jewelry during this first year, whether due to an accident or a manufacturing defect, we promise to replace it.

This guarantee demonstrates our confidence in the durability of our creations, as well as our commitment to your complete satisfaction. Experience Aglaia with confidence.

Lucie bracelet
Lucie bracelet Sale price39,00 €


Sustainable Jewelry

Since our creation in 2015, the objective of our House has always been the same: to enhance the daily lives of our customers by allowing them to fully express their uniqueness and their values. We achieve this by offering high fashion jewelry at affordable prices, while having a positive social and environmental impact.

From the responsible and transparent sourcing of our materials to our unique solidarity program, our House offers a new way of consuming fashion. She is the embodiment of committed femininity who is not afraid to express herself.